About Us

The Arts Club Stoupa is a good mix of professionals in arts, crafts and design and autodidacts with a variety of different backgrounds and experiences.

We organize weekly activities like practical workshops (painting, mostly outdoors) and trips to museums or visiting other artists in the nearby area.  As members of the Arts Club Stoupa we also support the local theater group with providing the scenery settings for plays. We are open to support some charity projects for the locals communities (for example repairing monumental front doors of museums and schools).
Once a week we have a get together at Patriko – right in front of Stoupa Beach.

Our creative spectrum of professionals and non-professionals comprises painters, illustrators, sculptors, visual designers, fashion and jewelry designers, documentary filmmakers, photographers, writers and people with skills in woodcraft , mosaics and weaving.

Yes, we have a mission ;)

The Arts Club Stoupa wants  to be a platform for everybody who is interested or is a professional in arts, crafts or design. We want to inspire each other in a creative discourse and empower our group with the synergetic capacity of our individual talents.

Although the Arts Club Stoupa is a mixture of autodidacts and professionals we try to reach a level of good quality of art - or/and craftsmanship. We have formulated certain criteria to reach that goal.

1. The level of inspiration with the spirit and binding power of the idea presented.
2. Superb level of mastership. The necessary match of talent and craftsmanship. To be able and to use technical methods and to find original solutions.
3. A high level of uniqueness. The artist as the creator of unique experences/emotions. Sometimes based on an historical or artistic context.
4. Extra information on how, why the artwork is made. What techniques are used.
5. The relationship with other pieces/techniques of art, like artistic styles, history, perhaps from other artists, or Art developments, kubistic style, Les Sauvages, like Picasso, Der Blaue Reiter Group, Naïve art, Ancient Sculptures. etc. etc.

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