A Marble Plate for Pyrgos

Return of The Holy Mary / Peter in good company with Titia & John

A Marble Plate for Pyrgos

Years ago the symbolic painting above the entrance of the more than 400 years old little chapel in Pyrgos had been stolen and was never discovered or returned again. We were asked by the community of the village whether we could kind of "restore" the iconic painting on a marble plate by creating a substitute with the original symbolic display and meaning.

The scenery shown on the original plate was a very rare and at the same time peculiar one:  The Holy Mary lies dying on a bier, ready to go to heaven. One of the apostles, however, rises and tries to sabotage the ceremony – the archangel Gabriel cuts his hands off, and thus the action fails.

The people of Pyrgos are proud of their cultural legacy of many historical chapels and churches and see to preserve that heritage. The custodian of Pyrgos, a former sea captain, tries to keep the original character of the old buildings and I wanted to support the village with this activity, although I found nobody who could offer any knowledge or guidance of how to work out a painting on marble. So it took some time, I had to work hard, experimenting with different sorts of varnish and acrylics – especially difficult, since the plate used to hang outside!

Good timing – hot August with a pushcart up and down the narrow walks, we brought the new marble plate "back home" and completed the action with some cool drinks on the plateia at Giorgios' cafeneon.

Update, a few weeks later: See, how beautiful the marble plate painting fits into the frame and how colorful it contrasts with the old stone walls. Well done, Peter!

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