Couldn't care less

Yellow Sandstone / Adriana

Couldn't care less

I was only curious, where to get the stones from, 'cause I had forgotten. So I joined my Best Neighbour to meet Britt in Proastio – and Panagiotis to sell us the stones. I think, 20 kilos each. Peter had thought about everything, how to carry them to Patriko – and brought all the tools for later. I took it for a little excursion and didn't think about working on stones, since I had no experience whatever and thought they were to rough or chunky anyway.

When the group met at Patriko, I changed my mind, seeing the others cutting the stones with some energy and so tried at least to saw one of the bulky cuboids to get a feeling. That soft material got me, although I had absolutely no idea what to carve out of it and only drew some geometrical lines onto the surface and watched the others. Some immediately went into carving out faces or organic forms. The company was nice and I enjoyed it without bothering about my sandy stone. Apart from that – even under our big broad umbrella, it began to rain slowly. Cutting felt like slicing a wet beach.

Days later I took my stone home with me - just in case, I might get enough of cutting branches of interlooping trees. The moment I realized I was only hooked on cutting regardless of any necessity, I remembered my stone:

If you like meditation without ever being a fan of meditation exercises, that's the thing! Miraculously, something came out it. Not at all a piece of overwhelming craftsmanship, naturally, but a beautiful experience and this almost accidentally - since I had no impetus at all from a start and couldn't care less when I first heard of "working on sandstones"…

From that day on, I'm totally into it. So, thanks a lot, Peter Kraajmes, for that trip to Proastio*.

(*Ok, some of us did not share my enthusiasm. A plan to cut out a cat ended with a comment, "Well, a cat might be to be too fine, maybe make a simple mouse out of it", -- may be, but there are many more projects, at least one for each of us.)

And that's why I like the meetings at Patriko - you never know what might catch you.

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