Mosaic veranda

A different exciting veranda at Lee's house – it took some time, but was totally worth it. A lot of fun and also a hard time, although I only helped for several days. Super work!

Mosaic veranda

Congratulations to Lee. I came to learn how to do a mosaic with broken tiles and became addicted. Ever since I not only admire Lee's beautiful work with the tiles-mosaic but also her immense energy.

For me, it took ages to find the right parts that would go together and match naturally. Lee worked in a speedy but very organized way, was laying out the tiles, glueing and grouting while I was still pondering over the small part I did. Sandra came for one day as well and added a windrose.

It was a great experience, I will absolutely do that again. But I have to remember the enormous amount of tiles that one has to collect a long time before starting. ...

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