Published: "The Elders of Mani"

A book by Ib Ivar Dahl and others

Published: "The Elders of Mani"

Ib Ivar Dahl & other members of the Arts Club took some effort and came up with a wonderful book about some very old and always inspiring living creatures around us.

"THE ELDERS OF MANI" contents of poems, thoughts, photos and paintings about the oldest trees in the Mani. It is partly translated - written in English, Danish and Greek. For some of the trees you also find the coordinates included - a very nice idea, so we can follow and honor some of these Elders personally.

Click and have read a few excerpts of the total of 110 pages:

This release is a non-profit project / 200 numbered and signed copies. (More than 40 book releases in DK).

Ib Ivar Dahl – Author and retired boatman
Peninsula, Helnaes Denmark

Photos and drawings are by the author, unless otherwise mentioned.
My thanks to friends and colleagues from Arts Club Stoupa, Peloponnese, Gr. for contributions of poems and
vignettes. A special thanks to Gianis Strateas and Dimitris Dimirtroyleas for their great work to correct my Greek texts, to Charlotte Foss Madsen and Lee O´Connor for correcting my English texts, and to Dimitris Raftelis for inspiration and poems about the oak tree.

Forlaget Ravnerock

Printed in Denmark 2017
ISBN 978-87-93272-38-5

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