an evening in Exochori / Adriana


Britt came up with the idea. Did we think we were goint to paint some artistic ornaments - or at least in some way beautify the Old School in Exochori? Not quite so. Britt was asking on behalf of Panagiota, a teacher in Exochori or Kardamili (I just don't remember), whether we could help with painting the shutters of the Museum of Exochori, the old school, because those shutters were slowly rotting away and needed a new layer of paint urgently. Well, that's an easy task.

Little did we know. How big and tall those shutters were (not even Britt had an idea)!  So we stood awhile, not really knowing, where or how to begin… How could we get these things from the windows down to the ground… At least over 2.3 m height.

There he came, the hero of the day – or at least to me he was: No acrophobia at all. I think without him we would have gotten nowhere with our collective will to help. So, we could start? No. Here comes the gatekeeper of the museum with the key! Not willing to allow us to get into and get the shutters out of the windows. It took some effort for Panagiota to somehow convince Giorgos to let us fulfill our task - and mumbling he went away. But not for long -- surprise, surprise, he came back in a new outfit, ready to help and also brought some tools along. Meanwhile we had learned that we would have to paint the shutters without "normal" varnish, but with mere petrolio. Ok.

From far some people were watching - immediately we had a mother with two kids for further help. Nice ladies, a scientist and two of her science-daughters. With that big crowd the shutters were painted right before sunset on this one lovely evening in May.

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