Alina Radulescu

Alina Radulescu

What characterizes & recommends me: Authenticity, Creativity, ludic Spirit, dynamism, optimism, sense of humor, pragmatism.

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I do not believe & accept : “I can’t!”, “I don’t know!”, “Yes, but not now, some other time!”, “I have no talent!”.

I’m born on October 21, 1967 in Bucharest, Romania. Married. Graduated in Chemical Engineering, specialization: Silicates ( ceramics, glass, mineralogy, cements)- Polytechnic University of Bucharest –UPB. Graduated in  Business Administration, by CODECS Open University UK. Professional experience – over 25 years in sales, marketing, communication, business development. I communicate in: Romanian, English, Italian and I  ”fumble” in: Greek, Bulgarian, French, Russian.

Related/Specialty Studies:
2002/2003 Ambiental Design- Dalles University, held by Prof. Dr. Architect Stefania Russe;
2011 Painting Courses with Prof. Delia Calinescu- “Zoita”
2014 Painting Courses at Thotart Foundation, with Prof. Sculptor Bogdan Iacob
2015 Ornamental Modeling Courses “Polymer Clay Beads” in Stoupa- Peloponnese Greece, held by Pam Annesley ( from Australia and by Lee O’Connor ( from South Africa
2015 Art Management Courses held by Artmark Institute Bucharest and GoldArt Gallery Bucharest

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