Annika Radlöv

“ Writing is the Painting of the Voice”
- Voltaire -

Annika Radlöv - iconography 2 - St. George
Annika Radlöv - iconography 2
Annika Radlöv - iconography 3
Annika Radlöv - oilpainting 1
Annika Radlöv - oilpaninting 2
Annika Radlöv - booktitle

 I have studied icon-drawing with the French artist and master iconographer Brigitte Baert, and I love the meditative state in the process to create an icon. Oilpainting I do for the freedom of expressing myself with colors and to have fun.

The last six years I have focused on writing and have got published a non-fiction book. Now I´m writing on a novel.

I live in a norwegian skiresort and I stay three to four months per year in Ag. Nikolaos in the beautiful Mani. My daily work is in TCM, Traditional Chinese Medicine with acupuncture and qigong, which I have practiced and taught for over 15 years. Life Alignment is a therapy that I also use a lot.

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