Britt Bernard

Britt Bernard

Automatic drawing, oil and acrylic Painting, Raku Ceramic, Paperwork, Jewelry (silver, glass and polymer) and Assemblage

Britt Bernard - Raku Ceramic 1
Britt Bernard - Raku Ceramic 2
Britt Bernard - Femme rose
Britt Bernard - Raku Ceramic 3
Britt Bernard - Au delà - Oil painting
Britt Bernard - Raku Ceramic
Britt Bernard
Britt Bernard
Britt Bernard -
Britt Bernard - En jouant
Britt Bernard - Joker
Britt Bernard - New World

I was born in Luxemburg.
At the age of 20 years, I first came to Greece . I fell in love with this country and I stayed there for some years.
My first big exhibition was in Athens (about the island of Santorini, where I lived for one year)
Since 2004  I live again partly in the Mani, in Proastio.

I work as
- Art professor (Diploma of the Strasbourg University/ France)
- Art-therapist (Diploma of Kölner Kunst-Therapieschule/ Germany)
- Artist (personnal and collectif exhibitions since 1972, all over Europe and in the USA).

The passion for creating  and improvised play with all kind of material is the moto(r) of my life .

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