Dimitris Raftelis - Selfie

Dimitris Raftelis

I am an artist of wooden sculptures. I also make drawings, and I write poetry.

Dimitris Raftelis - God Pan - ink draw. 2013
Dimitris Raftelis-Spirit-of-the-forest-cherry-tree-2013
Dimitris Raftelis - Basic instinct - eucalyptus 2016
Dimitris Raftelis - Mother Earth - eucalyptus 2013
Dimitris Raftelis - Lost-in-balance-ink-draw. 2008
Dimitris Raftelis - Eternal moment - birch 2013

My art, my way.....it's a primitive way to express art through wooden sculptures, but in my opinion it's a material that takes on a life of its own. Even after wood is no longer alive, each piece has its own fingerprint.

After many years working in Athens as a stage designer, I felt the need to return to my roots. Mani is the region of my heritage. I feel it like being in the land of the Fairies, running around the woods, being inspired by nature. There is no time here - only experience.

I was born in Kalamata 1957, and grew up in Athens. I have studied languages and arts in Athens and in Germany. I have exhibited sculptures and drawings in Norway and in Greece since the year 2000.

Published together with Ib Ivar Dahl:
Words and sketches of Mani
Ravnerock 2009
and again with Ib Ivar Dahl:
Mani anthology
together with Arts Club Stoupa, Ravnerock 2015

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