Peter Kraajmes

Peter Kraaijmes

Stoupa, the Mani and the Arts Club Stoupa give me inspiration
to work with others to create art and to have pleasure.

Peter Kraajmes - Boat in the Green
Peter Kraajmes - Bronze
Peter Kraajmes - Landscape
Peter Kraajmes - Red Landscape
Peter Kraajmes - Amiel
Peter Kraajmes - Chair

I was born in Holland and I grew up at the shores, beaches and dunes of Zeeland and the forests of West Brabant, Holland. Since my childhood I made drawings of animals etc.. Later I made metal sculptures, mosaic tables, bronze sculptures, oil and watercolour paintings.

As a young man I got art lessons from Simon Franck in the lake district in the northern part of Holland (Giethoorn),  I studied in Utrecht at the Artibus Academy and the Free Academy in Rotterdam. (Bronze sculputeres and watercolour paintings)

Nowadays I make "fine design chairs", "art trouvé" creations and acrylic paintings.

I have a deep interest in various forms of art and cultures and I travelled and worked in Latin America, Middle East and Africa. In several countries I started art clubs to get a better view "behind the scenes". I have very good memories and I learned a lot from international artists like Bruce Onobrakpeya and Tony Olishe (Nigeria),  Marcel Pinas and Els Tjong Joe Wai (Suriname).

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