Sandra Cherk

Sandra Cherk

I use soft pastels to create landscapes of my
native California and my 2nd home in Stoupa, Greece.

Sandra Cherk - Passing Storm
Sandra Cherk - By the Sea
Sandra Cherk - Green Pomegranate
Sandra Cherk  - Olives near Pigi
Sandra Cherk - Big Bell
Sandra Cherk - SF Bluff

I am a native Californian whose art is inspired by the hills and coastlines of Northern and Central California. Essentially self-taught, I have considered myself an artist all my life, but started painting professionally with watercolors in the early 90's. My first exhibitions were at Athens College.

    Over 15 years ago, the lure of the rich and bold colors of pastel swayed me to shift my palate and medium. My pastel work captures the deep colors and textures of my native coastal landscapes. I use pastels to paint the places I love. I feel fortunate to live in this area of spectacular beauty--the forests, ocean, and open hills. With a second home in Greece, also close to the mountains and sea, I am doubly lucky. I am struck by the atmosphere, interplay of sunlight and shadows, natural compositions in the scenery and village architecture. I strive to create images you can walk into, and feel the spirit of the place!

    The vivid colors and workability of pastels have allowed me to develop landscapes with my trademark softness, serenity and depth.

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