Titia Ohlhaver

Titia Ohlhaver

"Believe it or not. I can actually draw." (Jean-Michele Basquiat)

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Titia Ohlhaver
Titia Ohlhaver - Schlingensief
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Born in Hamburg, studied illustration  at the "Fachhochschule für Gestaltung" in Hamburg/Germany. Made a living as a head designer for sportswear fashion design and illustrator for magazines.

I live in historical Lübeck at the Baltic Sea and partly live in Mani/Greece since I turned sixteen ;-).
Sketch and illustrate, paint, print and develop sports fashion. Most of all I prefer doing all this by knowing it leads me back home to my beautiful village in the Mani! There are a lot more of different fascinating countries - but only this country mysteriously brings out all my drawing talents.

Techniques and themes:
Large portraits in acrylic
Screen prints
Drawings of Greek facades and village details
Nude studies

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