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Vasiliki Kateri

A drift towards the unfettered parts of the mind and spirit – my personal journey through Art!

Vasiliki Kateri - Inner Space
Vasiliki Kateri - Cosmogony IIa
Vasiliki Kateri - Vanitas I
Vasiliki Kateri - Sand Symphony
Vasiliki Kateri - Infinite I
Vasiliki Kateri - Urban Revolution

“Keep your feet on the ground and reach for the stars!” a visitor once told me at an exhibition I held.

My journey through the field of Art has always been influenced by multiple emotions and through the sense of touch, to which I am highly sensitive. This voyage seems to have been pre-destined, but is also fulfills a personal need. In order to express myself I combine a mixture of techniques and I am constantly on a quest for new untried methods and materials that spring from the natural world and that I combine with others of a disparate mature.

Natural matter as a medium constituted a major aspect of my work up to 2006 and, to a certain extent, afterwards. This medium has been a distinctive “trademark” of mine, and which I consider a personal signature. This style involves the use of sand, tree bark, trimmed shells, tile shards, crushed lava and various colorful stones, which once processed are blended without the use of artificial color. I believe Nature is a wise teacher and I feel a great affinity towards it, which is probably why it’s the source of a variety emotions I experience; some familiar, others less so. Every element in the natural world has its own symmetry, harmony and balance with the seasons ruling over all, creating the perfection we see around us.

The urge to create is stimulated by constant observation of the natural environment. I experience something akin to a pre-seismic tremor prior to a volcanic eruption, which is followed by the need to form beautiful shapes from what nature has provided me with. I feel privileged that I have been allowed to have this magical communication with the natural world and demonstrate its brilliance in my work.

My connection with nature results in a merging of emotions that spring through me, so cosy and still so unfamiliar! I can feel and appreciate, every single time, the greatness of nature’s wisdom. Every element out there has its own symmetry, harmony and balance and along with the senses and changes that rule them, fatefully contribute to the attainment of perfection. Nature, from my own artistic point of view, represents to me the greatest teacher of all times. Close examination of the surrounding world, keeps me in a constant state of alertness which offers me immeasurable fascination.

The feeling of a “pre-volcanic eruption”, gives me a rise to create. It is only then, that my eyes and hands are free to lead the lava on its outward drift. The whole procedure of creation resembles a mystical conservation, where speech is being replaced with changeable images. The whole process is magical!

In 2009, my quest and experimentations still carry on, placing new mediums and techniques, such as video and photography, among my works. I waddle wheresoever art is being reborn, transformed and stigmatized, determined from the political and social happenings. Directly or indirectly, I manage to receive what art unsparingly offers to the artist and the person behind it: a breath of strength and freedom under any circumstances, proving the unfettered parts of the human body and spirit.

Enshrining my personal mien, I push forward in the rout that I have shaped in Art through the past 30 years of my activity in the area. My vision; to place my personal fitment in the glorious structure we call Art!

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